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For students who wish to enroll in a program in order to acquire or upgrade technical or professional skills for the job market, career advancement or career change.

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To give students a sound introduction to business administration and financial accounting, in preparation for work and/or advancement in the field of finance.

Program content:
Students must complete Accounting I (410-104) before enrolling in other accounting courses and should complete Introduction to Business (410-A03) before enrolling in other business courses.

Specific Program Requirements:

No specific prerequisite is required for admission to this program.

  • Accounting I | 410-104-AB Details >
  • Accounting II | 410-B34-AB Details >
  • Introduction to Business | 410-A03-AB Details >
  • Marketing | 410-A13-AB Details >
  • Tax | 410-624-AB Details >
  • Finance | 410-B24-AB Details >

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Admission Requirements

Applicants are eligible to register in an AEC program under the following conditions:

• Have a Québec Secondary School Diploma ( DES ) or equivalent as deemed by the College.

The College may also admit a person who has received education combined with training and experience which it deems sufficient to successfully complete the AEC program of studies and meets 1 of the following conditions according to article 4 of the RREC:

• Have interrupted full-time studies or pursued full-time postsecondary studies for at least 2 consecutive semesters or 1 school year ;
• Be covered by an agreement between the College and an employer or who benefits from a government program of studies;
• Have interrupted full-time studies during at least 1 semester and pursued full-time post-secondary studies during at least 1 additional semester; OR
• Have Québec Secondary School Vocational Diploma (DEP).

Applicants must also meet the College requirements specific to the AEC program or their choice.

Please note: Students who do not meet the admission requirements to an AEC program OR do not want to register in a program, may select à la carte courses. Please see 080.CA – Career Development courses.

Programs available:

LEA.BJ – Cisco Networking – Program currently under revision
LCA.84 – Finance
LCA.6A – Damage Insurance – Next program Fall 2021

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