5G Mobile Network Implementation, Operation, Applications, and Security

General Information

Next Program

To be determined

*Classes will be offered online and onsite conditional upon Health Canada protocols.

Information Sessions

We currently have no planned information sessions.

Program Length

168 hours

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Program Overview


This training aims to introduce the principles of operation, deployment, uses and security of 5G mobile networks. The main beneficiary applications of 5G technology are presented with the economic issues associated with them.

At the end of this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Understanding the economic and technological goals of 5G
  • Design and plan a 5G network
  • Use key security techniques
  • Configure digital equipment used by innovative 5G technology services such as IOT, augmented reality and artificial intelligence


  • Lectures
  • Situational exercises
  • Workshops and practical workshops

To master the concepts taught, the participant should complete the course and supplement it with personal practice.

Collegial Certification

A college certification is awarded to participants who have demonstrated the acquisition of the skills associated with the training during the evaluations. For other participants who have attended at least 80% of the course sessions, a certificate of attendance will be given to them.

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This program can be funded through Emploi Québec - consult your local agent.

Conditions of Admission

  • Background in network administration
  • Attend a mandatory information session
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter explaining why you want to join this program
  • High School diploma
  • Interview

Course Content

Principles and Architecture of 5G networks

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to 5G Networks
  • Chapter 2: Principles of Operation of 5G Mobile Networks
  • Chapter 3: System Architecture of 5G Networks
  • Chapter 4: Protocol Architecture of 5G Access Networks

5G Network Implementation

  • Chapter 1: Interface Radio NR
  • Chapter 2: General Design and Planning Parameters for 5G Networks
  • Chapter 3: MBB Deployment Options
  • Chapter 4: Access, Mobility and Session Management
  • Chapter 5: 5G Procedures
  • Chapter 6: Physical Transmission Resources
  • Chapter 7: Channel Processing and Resource Allocation
  • Chapter 8: Security, Artificial Intelligence and QOS Aspects in the Deployment of 5G

5G Applications

  • Chapter 1: 5G Services and Features
  • Chapter 2: Internet of Things and Mobile Networks
  • Chapter 3: Radio Interface Dedicated to the IOT
  • Chapter 4: LTE-M and IOT
  • Chapter 5: 5G Services
  • Chapter 6: Most Promising 5G Applications
  • Chapter 7: Combining 5G Technology with Artificial Intelligence

5G Network Security

  • Chapter 1: Cybersecurity Issues in 5G Deployment
  • Chapter 2: New Vulnerabilities in 5G Protocol
  • Chapter 3: Security Challenges for 5G Slicing and Countermeasures
  • Chapter 4: Security in Next-Generation Mobile Networks
  • Chapter 5: Ip Mobile Network Security
  • Chapter 6: 5G Cybersecurity Concerns
  • Chapter 7: Virtualization of 5G Networks and Associated Risks
  • Chapter 8: Big Data Analytics in 5G
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