Full Stack Developer for International Students (FSDi)

Program Overview

Full-time Program - Attestation d’Études Collégiales (AEC)

John Abbott College’s Full Stack Developer program leads to an Attestation of College Studies (A.E.C.). The objective of the Full Stack Developer program is to provide hands-on, up-to-date training using current industry-standard methodologies and technologies.

Delivered over the course of 2 years (4 semesters). Our Full Stack Developer program includes 16 courses, an internship, French language courses and workshops focusing on Quebec culture. By the end of the program, students will have attained 16 competencies, and be prepared to enter the labour market with a well-rounded set of skills.

A student who completes the full program, including an internship in the workplace, will obtain certification in front-end web development, followed by a second certification in software development. The student will receive the Full Stack Developer Attestation of collegial studies (AEC) upon completion of the program.

This work study program is designed to give students the opportunity to work part-time in their field of study during their program and full-time immediately upon graduation, and will be eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit[1].


Job Outlook

The Full Stack Developer program falls under National Occupation Code (NOC) 2174 – Computer programmers and interactive media developers. According to provincial level labour market information, the 2019-2023 job outlook in Montreal is excellent.

Source: imt Emploi-Québec3

Emploi-Québec-Information sur le marché de travail,  downloaded November 30, 2020.


Estimated Salary

  • Estimated hourly rate in Quebec (2018-2020)
    • Minimum – $20.75
    • Mid-range – $34.62
    • Maximum – $51.28
  • Average yearly base salary: $79,000.00

Student Exit Profile

Students who successfully complete the program will possess the following skillset composed of technical knowledge, but also the soft skills required in today’s diverse work environments.

Knowledge and technical skills:

  • Utilize web design and development tools, and software development methodologies.
  • Design, develop, test, and deploy applications for various devices.
  • Design and develop web applications in a database environment.
  • Apply object-oriented software methodologies.
  • Configure a web development environment.
  • Create and exploit web APIs (Application Programming Interface).
  • Secure a web application and web API.

Soft skills:

  • Work and communicate effectively in English and French with team members and clients.
  • Work autonomously.
  • Adapt to diverse environments and changing technology.



Courses will take place over a period of 24 months. They will be offered in-person for 20-25 hours per week. Courses will be scheduled in time blocks, allowing students to work up to 20 hours per week during their studies. During the summer and holiday breaks, students will be allowed to work full-time.

The schedule is subject to change without notice.


1305 hours of technical instruction and work placement
300 hours of French language courses
100 hours of Quebec culture courses

Click here for course descriptions
Number Title Hours
420-WA5-AB Foundations of Web Development 75 hrs
420-JA4-AB Programming I 60 hrs
420-JB4-AB Programming II 60 hrs
420-SA5-AB Database 75 hrs
420-WB4-AB Website Design 60 hrs
420-WC4-AB User Interface 60 hrs
420-WD4-AB Web Services 60 hrs
420-WE6-AB Web Development I 90 hrs
420-SB3-AB Cloud Administration and Security 45 hrs
420-JC3-AB Data Structures and Algorithms 45 hrs
420-JD5-AB Programming III 75 hrs
420-JE5-AB Web Development II 75 hrs
420-JP3-AB Integration into the Labour Market 45 hrs
420-WF4-AB Application Development I 60 hrs
420-WG4-AB Application Development II 60 hrs
420-WH6-AB Integration Project 90 hrs
420-W18-AB Internship 270 hrs
Foundations of Web Development
Hours75 hrs
Programming I
Hours60 hrs
Programming II
Hours60 hrs
Hours75 hrs
Website Design
Hours60 hrs
User Interface
Hours60 hrs
Web Services
Hours60 hrs
Web Development I
Hours90 hrs
Cloud Administration and Security
Hours45 hrs
Data Structures and Algorithms
Hours45 hrs
Programming III
Hours75 hrs
Web Development II
Hours75 hrs
Integration into the Labour Market
Hours45 hrs
Application Development I
Hours60 hrs
Application Development II
Hours60 hrs
Integration Project
Hours90 hrs
Hours270 hrs

Admission Requirements

  • Mathematics:
    • Secondary IV, Technical and Scientific option OR
    • Secondary IV, Science option OR
    • Secondary V, Cultural, Social and Technical option, OR
    • Officially recognized equivalent
  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred)
  • IELTS score of 6.5
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Interview by The Centre for Continuing Education
  • Testing required:
    • Logic and problem-solving skills
  • Recommended computer configuration:
    • Dual-core 64-bit CPU with 8GB RAM (or more)
    • SSD hard drive with at least 50GB of free space available
    • Microphone + speakers + a camera

Fees (all fees due at registration)

Title Cost (in $CAD)
One time assessment fee (non-refundable) $105
One time administration fee (non-refundable) $300
Registration fee (per year) $212 ($424)
Insurance per year $816
Tuition per Semester (per year) $7,000 ($14,000)

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January 16, 2023

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