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PROGRAM FULL - November 2, 2020 - this is a tuition free program funded by Emploi Quebec. To be considered for the program, you must be accepted through Emploi Quebec. Visit your local Emploi Quebec office and make an appointment with an agent. The contract number for this program is 695502-0.

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Program Overview

Full-time Program - Attestation d’Études Collégiales (AEC) LEA.CB

Program goals 

The market for mobile application development is constantly growing. An increase in the number of smartphone users has translated into a dramatic surge in the number of apps being used by consumers.

This program, leading to the Attestation d’études collégiales, provides specialized training to meet the increasing needs for labour in this sector.  Students will receive hands-on training in the development of mobile apps, establishing the foundation necessary to develop native and web-based apps, both on the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Objectives of the program

By the end of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Design the architecture of a mobile application
  • Develop a mobile application
  • Organize the information required in the context of mobile devices
  • Manage the migration of an application between different platforms
  • Plan the development of the mobile version of a website
  • Ensure the quality of the application
  • Release the mobile application into the market

Is this program right for me?

In order to succeed in this program, selected candidates will require basic programming skills.

Desired profile: a motivated individual who manifests an interest in new technologies and adapts well to them.

  • Significant interest in analytical work and logic
  • Methodical and strong organizational skills
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Strong interest in research and creation
  • Ability to adapt to different situations
  • Ability to communicate both orally and in writing
  • Strong ability to work in a team

What the program at John Abbott College offers?

  • Over 600 hours of training in the development of mobile applications.
  • A learning environment in a lab setting which promotes a hands-on approach.
  • Teachers who are knowledgeable with respect to current trends in the development of mobile applications.
  • Support in securing an internship placement.
  • Career development workshops to support your transition to the labor market.
THIS IS A TUITION FEE FREE PROGRAM FUNDED BY EMPLOI QUÉBEC.  To be considered for the program, you must be accepted through Emploi Québec. Visit your local Emploi Québec office and make an appointment with an agent. Contract number for this program is 695502-0.

Job Outlook

According to Gartner, “mobility has passed the tipping point and is now the new normal. Mobile apps are now an essential technology for any business looking to compete” (Mobile Application Strategies Primer for 2017).  The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), in its 2014 report “The Appification of everything: Canada’s Apps Economy Value Chain”, stated that Quebec is a significant apps development hub, with approximately 14,000 jobs.

Although a tremendous amount of data is available on the employment outlook for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in general, recent information on employment in mobile apps development specifically is sparse, as it falls under the larger ICT umbrella.   According to the ICTC, in 2016 there were 192,900 ICT workers in Montreal, and this figure increased from 177,600 from 2015 (e-talent Canada).

Randstad recently reported that entry-level mobile developers in Montreal can expect to earn $50,000 to $70,000 annually (Randstad 2018 Professional Salary Guide, p. 81).

Courses & Schedule

Duration of Program

900 hours


240 hours

Credit Courses

Consists of 10 credit courses:

Number Title Hours
420-184-AB Introduction to Programming 90
581-320-AB Multimedia Processing 45
420-185-AB Object-oriented Programming (OOP) 90
420-188-AB Mobile Web Development 60
420-186-AB Introduction to Android Mobile Apps 60
420-223-AB iOS Mobile Apps I 90
420-224-AB iOS Mobile Apps II 60
420-225-AB Advanced Android Applications 90
420-226-AB Integration Project 75
420-227-AB Internship 240
Introduction to Programming
Multimedia Processing
Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
Mobile Web Development
Introduction to Android Mobile Apps
iOS Mobile Apps I
iOS Mobile Apps II
Advanced Android Applications
Integration Project

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
  • Fulfill AEC admission requirements
  • Submit a CV and a letter of intent to demonstrate some basic programming knowledge and experience  
  • Written and spoken English
  • Working knowledge of French an asset
  • Testing required:
    • Logic and problem-solving skills
  • Interview by the Selection Committee

Admission Fees

Title Cost
Funded by the Gouvernement du Québec (Emploi Quebec). A referral from your Centre local d’emploi is required in order to be considered. Tuition-free program
Parking if required: $24 per month (Day only - free after 5 p.m.)

More information

*This program has been developed by college Ahuntsic. They also offer this program through Emploi Québec, in French. We offer this program in English only. THIS PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY UNDER REVISION.

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