Bill 96 (Law 14) and proof of French proficiency for AEC programs

Important Information

All students are invited to apply into the AEC programs and attend an information session, independent of the French proficiency regulations and exemptions from the French proficiency regulations stated below.

Bill 96, or Law 14, was adopted by Quebec’s National Assembly in May 2022. As of July 1, 2023, certain aspects of the new law are affecting students who register in AEC programs, offered in English, in cégeps.

Law 14 Section 88.0.18. introduces a French language requirement to obtain the AEC diploma document for students who are not exempt from the law or non-certificate holders. A full list of exemptions from the French language requirements for the AEC diploma document is listed below under “Are you in the exemption category?” on this page. All students, whether exempted or not from the French language requirements, must still fulfill the regular AEC program admission criteria, which are listed under the AEC program.

What are the new French language requirements for non-certificate holders?

Are you in the exemption category?

Get a sense of your level of French (i.e diagnostic test)

Recognized tests to prove French language requirements

Period of validity of official proof of French language proficiency

Access to French Language Training and Testing Centres

Submission of proof of language proficiency

More information?

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Last-modified: August 24, 2023
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