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About us

The Centre for Continuing Education at John Abbott College is the focal point for adult training and Professional development.

The Centre’s mission is to provide up-to date technical training to mature students who wish to re-tool their skills and participate productively in the workplace of today and tomorrow.

For 50 years, the Centre has offered specialized full-time and part-time training in a variety of fields including information technology, financial accounting, graphics and web design, business marketing and communication and nursing, along with certain certificate programs in real estate, food processing, 5G and Microsoft Client Server.

Since 2020, we offer both online and hybrid programs and have been able to adapt to the new realities of teaching online. Our programs offer opportunities for all students to acquire both technical skills and work-ready skills by exposing them to real-life work projects, team-work/role playing,  problem solving, adaptability and more. We strive to prepare our graduates for the current and future labour market so they may be productive, resourceful and engaged employees. We invite you to DISCOVER THEIR TALENTS!

We boast:

  • 13 full-time and part-time programs (DEC, AEC and Certificate)
  • 4 programs with 2 month internship in IT and Accounting & 3 programs with clinical internships in Nursing
  • More than 300 adult graduates each year
  • Dedicated and experienced teachers

How We Help You

Developing work-ready talent in IT and Accounting (and more) with top-notch technical and workplace skills

Discover our Talents

  • We are work-ready grads with technical and workplace skills
  • Test us as interns, hire us as employees
  • Give us a project to do and watch us go
  • We have the College support and tools behind us
  • We can work on site or remotely
  • Internships can be paid or unpaid
  • We all have life and work experience

Full Stack Developer

A Web Developer who works with front and back-end applications using current technologies and best practices.

The program is 1305 hours with 16 courses and an internship at the end leading to full-time work.

Mobile Applications Developer

A Developer for business and consumer mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms.

The program is 1200 hours with 17 courses and an internship leading to full-time work.

Network Administrator

The Network Support Technician masters different network protocols, installs and maintains hardware and troubleshoots operating systems.

The program is 1500 hours with 15 courses and an internship at the end leading to full-time work.

Financial Technician

The Financial Technician with a full set of computer skills who intervenes in all stages of the accounting cycle providing technical support for reports, financial statements, tax filings, costing and audit activities.

The program is 1380 hours and 21 courses.

Opportunity for Employer

Be a partner

John Abbott ContEd partners with employers across a wide range of sectors to provide a regular flow of qualified candidates for internships and jobs.

We get to know and understand your mission, goals and staffing needs and work with you to find the employees your organization requires.

We believe that inspiring our students and giving them opportunity for growth by doing real-life projects for employers  translates into better work-ready future workers.

Be an employer that partners with education for your workforce of today and tomorrow!

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Centre for Continuing Education

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