Nursing Intensive Program DEC

Program Overview

This program has been developed in response to the critical shortage of Nurses in Quebec.  The objective of this intensive nursing course is to prepare students for the challenging and exciting role of the graduate nurse in a 24-month time frame.  The reason we are able to offer the intensive program is that we are requiring as pre-requisites the General Education courses normally included in a traditional 3-year nursing program.  The remaining nursing courses can then be compressed into a shorter, more intensive program.  This program gives the student a college diploma in Nursing (DEC) and leads to a 2 year Bachelor of nursing program (BN) at McGill University pending acceptance to the university.

This program follows the same curriculum as the  3 year Program.  It is based on a ‘needs’ framework. Students learn how to identify clients’ basic health needs such as comfort, safety, sleep, nutrition, elimination, oxygenation and self-esteem. Students learn the knowledge, skills and tools nurses use to care for clients who cannot meet their own needs. Experience in the classroom, the teaching laboratory and the clinical environment helps students develop skills in communication, decision-making, caring, physical care and teaching. These and other concepts are studied and applied in increasing depth throughout the program of study.

Clinical experiences, chosen in various areas and with different age groups to reflect the concepts in each course, include psychiatry, maternal and child health, surgery, medicine, geriatrics and some community experiences. The hours spent in clinical increase throughout the program so that by the 6th semester, students spend most of their time in a clinical setting.

The hospitals used by John Abbott students include the Jewish General Hospital, Lakeshore General Hospital, Montreal Children’s Hospital, Montreal General Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital Centre.

Graduates must successfully pass a national registration exam in order to practice nursing in Quebec and other provinces. The license is granted by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers de Québec (OIIQ)In addition, the Quebec license is based on a working knowledge of the French language. Students who cannot show proof of three years secondary, or post secondary, instruction in French must pass a language exam (set by the Office de la langue française) in the last two years of the Nursing program.

Graduates may also apply to other provinces for licensure and write the American National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to be eligible for licensure in the United States.

Admission Requirements

Applicants require a Quebec Secondary V Certificate (or equivalent) and have successfully completed the following courses:

  • Sec.IV Environmental Science & Technology or Science & the Environment
  • Sec.V Chemistry

In addition, Sec.IV Math Technical & Scientific option or Math Science option, or an equivalent is strongly recommended.

Additional Intensive Nursing Program Requirements:

Completion of a College DEC or the following General education courses or equivalent;

  • 4 English
  • 3 Humanities
  • 3 Physical education
  • 2 Complementaries
  • 2 College French (required for DEC since 1994)
  • Up to date Immunization according to Quebec protocol for Health Care Workers
  • Immunization Form (Start as soon as possible as it may take a while)

Students with a DEC older than 1994 will have to complete the present DEC requirements;  including 2 French courses and writing the English exit exam.

Graduates must pass a Quebec provincial licensing registration examination in order to practice nursing in Quebec. To write the exam, candidates must be Canadian citizens or have landed immigrant status. Some students may have to pass a French language exam set by the Office de la langue française.

Any applicant from outside of the province or country must contact admissions at :

Phone: (514) 457-6610 local: 5358   Email:

  • A medical certificate as well as up-to-date vaccinations are required prior to the student being able to work in the clinical setting at a hospital.
  • In addition to this, a criminal background verification will be done by the individual hospitals to ensure  that the candidate does not have a criminal record.
  • A working knowledge of English and French is recommended.

For any prerequisite taken more than five years ago including a college DEC, students should contact the Admissions Office. Students lacking prerequisites or seeking additional information on entrance requirements should contact the Admissions Office by calling (514) 457-6610, local 5355 or 5361.

Application Procedure

Application Procedure

The Intensive Nursing program begins yearly in January. The deadline to apply is November 1st. It is important to note that entrance into the program is very competitive and seats are limited to less than 40.

Applications must be done online to SRAM (Service Régional d’admission du Montréal Métropolitain), :admission.sram.qc.caFollow online instructions.

Please read and complete your application package carefully since any incomplete documentation may delay your application.

In addition, applicants MUST submit a letter of intent to the John Abbott College Admissions office at: or by fax: 514-457-6812 or attached electronically to your SRAM application.

Applicants will be sent a response in late November.
PLEASE NOTE THAT: No information will be given over the phone as for the status of your application.

Applicants may be required to attend a Pre-acceptance Interview with the Program Co-ordinator.

For more information you may contact the Admissions office at;

Phone: 514.457.6610 x 5358 OR Email:

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